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Strike Antenna for Mobile Phone Signal Boosting

Mobile phone antennas are mostly used to improve signal strength in low network signal locations. There are two types of cell phone antennas, internal antennas and external antennas. Built-in antennas in the cell phone are the internal antennas while external antennas are the antennas you connect to your cell phone to boost your mobile signal further.

Strike offers external antennas that are designed to boost and improve mobile signal for both home and vehicle use. External antennas are mostly important for city, rural fringe or low signal areas. Boost your signal and increase the strength of your reception with a range of our very own range of Strike cell phone antennas RFI or Rocket antennas. From a basic ‘peel and stick’ installation to the top of the range studded mount, these represent the very latest in the ever-improving mobile phone antenna technology.

Purchase yours today and improve your mobile signal!