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Industry Specific Mounts

Strike has custom built phone holders and tablet mounts to suit almost all working environments. From an office setting, to a manufacturing house or even in the field, these Strike mounts are durable, reputable and can withstand tough workspaces enabling employees to become more productive at work. These mounts can be used on our enterprise-grade cradles for Zebra TC56 and Panasonic Toughbook T1. Strike Mounts are compatible with any Strike Alpha Cradles which help secure & charge your smartphone, iPad, tablet or phablet safely. Strike has a wide selection of device-specific holders to cater to your needs.

All Strike Mounts have adjustable components for superior viewing to help you angle your device perfectly depending on your preference. Strike’s latest range of mounts are versatile, flexible and reliable that they can be mounted onto almost any surface with ease. They can be paired with devices for personal or office use but would still best perform with ruggedized gadgets widely used for outdoor setup. These mounts allow easy installation and removal which help hassle-free transfer of enterprise devices from one work station to the next. Very convenient & efficient at the same time.

Strike Mounts have been designed and built to respond to the needs of various industries- from Agriculture, Construction, Marine, Warehousing, Medical, Construction- Strike has developed industry specific mounting solutions to help you select the perfect heavy duty mount to suit your business needs.

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