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Car Phone Holders, Cradles & Mounts, Car Aerials, Car Antennas and More!

Since 2001, Strike has been dedicated in offering our customers a range of car accessories such as car phone holder, Bluetooth car kit, car antenna, car reverse camera and more at the cutting edge of technology. We’ve carefully chosen a selection to make hands-free driving and riding a pleasure – in fact, we’re designing and manufacturing our very own Strike products. That’s because, we know exactly what our customers want – the very latest in car Bluetooth, hands free car kit, reversing camera, car mobile phone holder, car cradle, phone mount for car and even car antenna products.

Strike is a market leader in mobile phone car cradle technology and manufacturer of the best car phone mount solutions for all the latest and greatest smartphone. We have a vast range of model specific phone mount for car to ensure that it’s always charged, secured and protected in your car. We have a wide range of Strike Alpha Phone Cradles for Apple, Blackberry, Samsung, HTC, Telstra, Motorola, Microsoft, Sony, LG and Nokia. We also have phone mount solutions for enterprise grade devices such as Zebra TC56 Touch Computer, Panasonic Toughbook FZ-T1Ascom A51 Alarm Transmitter and much more.

We have the best car phone holder individually designed for the latest flagship phones from Samsung such as Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 8. You can also check our newest iPhone car holder for Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, Apple iPhone X, Apple iPhone XS and XS Max and Apple iPhone XR! With extensive phone choice also comes wide-ranging mobile phone holders brand options.

Phone mount solutions for tablets and phablets are made available as well - built for enterprise usage or personal use. We have heavy duty and highly durable tablet holder for cars designed especially for Apple iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tablets, and other brands of tablet in the market.

At Strike, we back our motto of ‘hands-free motor genius’ with the accessories that will enhance your driving experience. We also offer car aerials, car antennas and the best mobile phone signal booster for cars that will ensure you always have clear reception.

For more information about these best-selling Strike products, take a test drive through our range and see what hands-free motor genius is all about.