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Samsung Tablet Cradles

At Strike, we aim to provide the best hands-free technology for cars and vehicles. We always strive to offer our customers the widest selection of products to accommodate their needs and the devices they own. One of the most popular mobile devices in the market are tablets. These tablets are perfect to use for traveling and work as they have a lot of useful features.

These Samsung Galaxy Tabs can also be useful for travel and can be an alternative to laptops or computers as it is easier to carry around. Which is why Strike created Samsung tablet mounts to make using your Galaxy tabs in your car or any other vehicle easier.

Strike Alpha Holders for Samsung Galaxy tablets allow easy access of your tablets whilst you drive or maneuver your vehicle. They also have fast charging features to ensure that the tablets are always up and ready for entertainment or mission critical activities. They also have a passive FME connector feature that allows you to boost your mobile signal wherever you are.