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Tablet Car Mount

Tablet Holders for Cars

Strike aims to develop car tablet holders that can accommodate all types of tablets and iPads in the market. We work towards the goal of making your driving and riding experience a pleasure. That is why we designed and manufactured our line of Strike Alpha tablet car mounts.

Tablets and iPads are very popular devices for both business and entertainment. They are great alternatives to phones and laptops for their screen size, portability, and features. These tablets and iPads can be taken anywhere and used on various fields and applications. Strike innovative tablet cradles bring added convenience and features to your Samsung tablets, Ruggear tablets, Zebra tablets, Apple iPads and other tablets in the market today.

Each Strike Alpha car mount for tablets and iPads come with a fast charger and passive antenna connection. No worries about battery drain after long hours of drive or work. You will never miss any mission-critical activities. You will also have the option to improve your mobile signal by connecting your cradle to a reputable external antenna.

If you’re looking for Strike Alpha Cradles for mobile phones, we also have these available. You can view our line of products here.