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Zebra Car Cradles

Introducing the Zebra Touch Computer Series car cradles and mounts from Strike! The Zebra TC56 Touch Computer device is designed for every day enterprise use. Along with durability, power, unique Zebra-only features, and security, the Zebra TC56 Touch Computer is perfect for you and your business. Its enterprise-class features also allow for an amazing outdoor setup. Ideal for people who are always out in the field, the TC56 is especially designed to keep you connected no matter where you are. To boost durability and functionality, our TC56 car mounts can also be used with your Rubber Boot case still attached. Therefore, our TC56 enterprise-grade car mounts are here to help you in just about any workflow or in the toughest and the most extreme of times.

These new Strike Alpha Zebra Touch Computer Series car cradles are available for international shipping to countries like Germany, France, United Kingdom, and the United States. Experience the enhanced and handheld computer boosting features of our latest Zebra Touch Computer Series Car mounts. 

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The Strike Alpha Zebra TC56 Touch Computer car mount is our newest range of mobile holders that are manufactured specifically to suit the industrial design of one of Zebra’s newest mobile computer. Watch Strike's Zebra TC56 cradle power road test below:

Our new Strike Alpha Zebra TC56 Touch Computer car mount is the perfect solution for your work and active everyday needs. The installation process is extremely easy. There’s an option between professional installed version or DIY (do-it-yourself) version. Simply mount it to your car’s windshield and you will be able to protect, charge, and secure your phone as you drive. Strike also offers range of Industry Specific mounts which are suitable for almost all working environments such as Agriculture, Constructions & Warehousing. Watch how we used the Zebra TC56 cradle with one of our mounts on a forklift: