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Rocket Telstra ZTE MF9821 USB Modem Patch Lead for Connection to Antenna

Rocket Telstra ZTE MF9821 USB Modem Patch Lead for Connection to Antenna

  • $29.95 (Incl. GST)
  • $27.23
ACC-ROC 9821

This antenna patch cable allows you to connect a mobile phone/data device to an external antenna for improved network reception. One end of the patch lead adapter cable connects to the phone via a port in the rear or a cradle, and the other end connects to the external antenna.

All our patch leads are fitted with a male FME connector allowing you to universally plug it into all of our mobile phone antennas.

    This patch lead is compatible with the following models:
    • HUAWEI: E353T E589
    • OPTUS: Sierra Wireless Aircard 310u
    • QUALCOMM: Ac753s Aircard 312U
    • SIERRA WIRELESS: AC320U AC753s AC880E+ Turbo7 Express Card Air Card 313U Air Card 501 Air Card 502 Air Card 503 Aircard 250U Aircard 310U Aircard 312U Aircard 760S Compass 597 Compass 885 Compass 888/889 Telstra USB 4G (320U) Ultimate Aircard 753s USB 250U USB 313U USB-301 USB-302 USB306 Elite USB308 Elite USB309 Elite USB312U USB598
    • TELSTRA: AC320U AC753s AC760S (4G) Air Card 313U Aircard 250U Aircard 310U Aircard 312U Ultimate Aircard 320U Aircard AC753s Aircard USB310 ELITE MF60 Elite MF668 Elite MF668a MF688 MF688A MF821 Mobile Wi-Fi 4G Qualcomm Aircard 312U Sierra AC760S Sierra Aircard 312U Sierra Aircard 501 Sierra Aircard 502 Sierra Wireless AC320U sierra wireless AC753s Sierra Wireless Air Card 503 Turbo 7 Series - Express Card AC880E+ Turbo 7+ Sierra Wireless Compass 885 Ultimate AC753s Ultimate Aircard 312U USB 250U USB 313U USB 320U USB 4G (320U) USB 4G (MF821) USB301 Sierra Wireless USB302 Sierra Wireless USB305 USB306 Elite USB312U ZTE MF668 E353T MF70 Pre-Paid 4G USB+Wi-Fi(E8278) USB308 USB308 309 Elite Telstra 4GX USB + WI-FI plus (E8372)
    • ZTE: ELITE MF60 Elite MF668A MF668 MF821 USB 4G (MF821) MF70

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