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Strike Alpha Samsung Galaxy S5 Car Cradle

  • $149.00 (Incl. GST)
  • $135.45

Samsung is a brand that changed the landscape of international smartphone market. The release of Samsung Galaxy S5 provided its fans in the market a superior smartphone experience competing to Apple's popular 5s series in terms of functionality, usefulness and lifestyle benefits. The internet browsing experience is taken to a whole new level. It allows its users to do multi-tasking such as watching videos while texting or utilizing the apps. In terms of functionality, there is no other way to utilise its full potential by using it with Strike Alpha Cradle for the Samsung Galaxy S5 specifically when you are driving. A smartphone accessory dedicated to hold, charge and protect your Samsung phone.

    • The internal passive antenna of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Car Cradle is specifically incorporated to improve your mobile signal once used with a reputable external antenna. This phone holder comes with a FME male connector so it can be connected to an external antenna.
    • This car cradle is a professionally installed version. A trained professional will attach the cradle to the swivel mount provided and connect the power’s pack to your car's electronics.
    • This vehicle mount works with any Bluetooth car kits.
    • It includes a swivel mount. Other mounting options are also available for purchase.
    • The cradle can be integrated to another device without any hassle. With its unique pass through feature, the cradle can be linked to any Bluetooth car kit systems, entertainment system or even personal computers.
    • It carefully protects and boosts the signal of your Samsung Galaxy S5 while you enjoy prolonged usage since your Samsung Galaxy S5 is also charging while attached on the cradle.
    • The cradle features a 12/24 volt charging system with voltage spike protection. An added safety feature not available to another ordinary cradle.
    • The cradle also offers fast-charging system. A better way to maximize the functionality of your Samsung Galaxy S5 while you drive.
    • Specially designed to ensure that your Samsung Galaxy S5 is perfectly integrated with the passive antenna connection. Thus, providing superior signal boosting performance not an ordinary cradle can offer in the market today.
    • The internal passive antenna booster is specifically designed to fit Australian networks including Telstra Next G and all 4G networks. The package comes with FME male for external antenna connection.
    • With incredibly up to three years Unlimited KM warranty.
    • *Patented design exclusive for Strike.
    • Strike Alpha Car Cradle Cell Phone Holder
    • Swivel Mount
    • Strike Professional Installation Power Pack

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