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Strike Alpha Zebra TC51/TC56 Touch Computer Car Cradle with Windscreen Mount

  • $99.00 (Incl. GST)
  • $90.00

The Alpha Zebra TC51/TC56 Touch Computer Car Cradle by Strike keeps it simple and classic yet innovative. This Alpha car mount is built with high quality premium products for every day enterprise use. It offers maximum convenience when using your Zebra TC51/TC56 whilst on the road. It holds your TC51/TC56 securely, ensuring that it will remain in place so you can stay productive even as you drive. This TC51/TC56 mount complements the enterprise-class design of the new TC51/TC56 Touch Computer and can be used in the following industries: Retail, Transport & Logistics, Utilities, Field Mobility, Cross-Industry, Federal Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Human Services, and Public Safety. 

    • This Zebra TC51/TC56 holder is also suitable for use with the Zebra TC51 Touch Computer.
    • This Zebra TC51/TC56 Touch Computer car mount is a do-it-yourself install pack. Simply attach the cradle to the windscreen mount provided, dock your Zebra TC51/TC56 and you are ready to go.
    • It includes a windscreen mount. Other mounting options are also available for purchase.
    • International shipping available
    • Plug ‘N Play - Upgrading your handset? No worries. Simply select the new cradle component that will suit your new phone and attach it in your existing Strike Alpha mount. There's no need to re-install.
    • With incredibly up to three years Unlimited KM warranty
    • Strike Alpha Car Cradle Cell Phone Holder
    • Windscreen Mount

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